Sustainable battery metals for the energy transition

Ensorcia Group

The Ensorcia Group was founded in 2016 to develop a sustainable battery metals supply chain, by Daniel Layton and a small group of international senior energy sector executives, who shared his foresight that a worldwide sustainable energy transition was inevitable.

With the belief that lithium was the environmentally friendly battery metal of the future, Ensorcia began to acquire Lithium resources in South America and to invest in cutting edge extraction technologies, with the goal of developing a worldwide supply chain from resources all the way through to finished products for the electric battery market.

Our integrated Supply chain

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The Ensorcia Group is utilizing a cost-effective and resource-efficient process which serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional methods of lithium extraction, and a time efficient answer to the exploding Lithium demand linked to the EV cars market expansion.

our Commitment to Sustainability

Ensorcia uses the IBAT revolutionary DLE lithium extraction technology, which produces essentially no chemicals, no wasted water, and no waste solids.

The DLE plant characteristics, the logistic optimization, and the conversion technology lead to a small carbon footprint versus both traditional Lithium extraction from brines and spodumenes.