Ensorcia Group

The Ensorcia Group was founded in 2016 to develop a sustainable battery metals supply chain, by Daniel Layton and a small group of international senior energy sector executives, who shared his foresight that a worldwide sustainable energy transition was inevitable.

With the belief that lithium was the environmentally friendly battery metal of the future, Ensorcia began to acquire Lithium resources in South America and to invest in cutting edge extraction technologies, with the goal of developing a worldwide supply chain from resources all the way through to finished products for the electric battery market.


IBAT Plant
A group of construction workers talking in front of a construction site.

Following an extensive review of all existing and developing technologies on Lithium extraction, Ensorcia entered in 2018 into an exclusive licensing agreement with Dr John Burba’s International Battery Metals (IBAT) in South America (Chile & Argentina).

Ensorcia has integrated its supply chain from brines all the way up to lithium carbonate and hydroxide, in addition to acquiring brine resources, as well as deploying extraction and conversion plants.

Ensorcia is led by an experienced team of senior energy sectors executives and lithium extraction pioneer who are committed to the worldwide transition to sustainable energy, by producing high quality lithium products in a cost efficient and environmentally friendly manner, with a focus on protecting the local indigenous communities.

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From Past to Present: Tracing Our Evolution

Formation of

Sorcia Chile SPA founded


IBAT DLE Technology licensing in Chile & Argentina


First development agreement signed with the Government of Chile to explore potential partnerships


Partnership with Chile's University of Santiago, which encompasses innovative academic, technical, and commercial projects


Ensorcia Group became the largest shareholder in International Battery Metals Ltd (IBAT)

Joint Venture

Triangle JV agreement on Argentinian Lithium brines (Salar de Antofalla y Hombre Muerto, Provincia de Catamarca, departamento Antofagasta de la Sierra, República de Argentina; 15.000 ha - 1 milion tons LCE of reserves estimated by aQuist Hidrogeologica geophysical study)


Concession on Salar de Tara (Atacama, Antofagasta, Chile; 5500 ha, aQuist Hidrogeologica geophysical study completed in 2022)


Permitting and start of drilling in Triangle brines (Argentina)


Ensorcia Group finances the first IBAT Modular DLE, built at industrical scale (eq. 5 kt/y LCE)


SLR Consulting, a worldwide independant consulting firm acknowledged in the sector, performed a third party verification of this first IBAT DLE plant, processing Lithium brines in real conditions, and certified it in September as the first modular DLE plant operational at commercial scale, underlying its groundbreaking sustainability and performance caracteristics


Technical use agreement for Lithium extraction signed with Lexi on 57.000 ha (Antofalla & Hombre Muerto, Argentina)

European Formation

Creation of Sorcia Europe, focusing on the Lithium commercialization, hydroxide conversion, and European supply chain

Agrement Extensions

Worldwide extension of the IBAT licensing agreements (exclusive in Chile & Argentina)

SinoLythium (Chemphys)

Technological MOU with Chemphys, the world most experienced Lithium convertor, to build Carbonate & Hydroxide plants


Ensorcia Group's chairman announces in Davos plans to build a first hydroxide conversion plant in Europe for early 2026

SinoLythium (Chemphys)

Ensorcia and Sinolithium sign the final agreement for the licencing & implementation of Ensorcia's Lithium Carbonate & Hydroxide plants.

First DLE deployment (US)

IBAT announces the deployment ot its DLE in the US, which will be operational  3 month later (4.000 tons LCE upgraded to 8.000 tons within the year)

Development plan

The Ensorcia Group is running a target project plan (phase 1) to supply battery grade products to the market(3) in 2025 (carbonate) and 2026 (hydroxide).

Ensorcia Target development plan phase 1.

The Ensorcia Group is in active discussion with the key players of the sector worldwide.

Ensorcia is leading advanced discussion with key players in the Lithium and Energy sector and governments, for Lithium production and offtake.

Our main initiatives in the process include:

  • Active drilling program in South America,
  • Acquisition of additional resources (Chile, Argentina, US & Europe)
  • Development of a Lithium carbonate plant linked to the group’s production of Lithium chloride
  • Development of a Lithium hydroxide plant in Europe (20 kTPA expandable to 60 kTPA).