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Davos 2023: President of Ensorcia Group refers to the impact of the industry on the energy transition

The war in Ukraine, the consequences of the pandemic, the global crisis and climate change were topics that marked the 53rd meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, from January 16 to 20. The event brought together leaders from all over the world to work together on them and achieve initiatives that generate a positive impact at all levels of society.

During said week and with the aim of highlighting innovations that accelerate sustainable development, parallel discussions were held, where important decision makers were invited to debate. Under the title Creating a Future with Purpose: Unlocking the Energy Transition and cities at scale , organized by Leaders on Purpose, Hub City and The Visionist Advisers —a global agency specializing in expansion plans—, various activities and conferences were held, including : Managing the Global Energy Transition , by the President of Ensorcia Group, Daniel Layton.

Layton has become the precursor of an innovative technological system on a global scale, with a focused role in electromobility, one of the most important industries in the global transition towards reducing carbon emissions. It acquired thousands of hectares of lithium resources in South America, and began investing and developing the technologies to produce these assets in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

The truth is that lithium—a mineral that is mainly extracted from salt flats—is in high demand, as it has several industrial applications that include lithium and lithium-ion batteries, heat-resistant glass and ceramics, and lithium grease lubricants. , flux additives for the production of iron, steel and aluminum. However, the traditional method of exploiting lithium means great environmental damage, so it is of utmost importance to find a sustainable exploitation of it. 

This is the main focus of Ensorcia Group, an American company that is exploring the exploitation of lithium in Chile and Argentina through its subsidiary Sorcia Minerals, and thanks to which it became a technology pioneer in the industry by developing an innovative lithium-ion technology. lithium extraction, making Daniel Layton the largest shareholder and licensee of the only third-party verified commercial direct lithium extraction technology.

Conversations with Daniel Layton, President of the Ensorcia Group – Managing the
global energy
 transition during WEF 2023. Daniel spoke with Laura Hermann, guest speaker.

“We are completely changing the game in terms of sustainability and efficiency. At Ensorcia, we understand that environmental protection begins with the extraction and production process, that is why our technology will revolutionize the industry and make our product 100% clean,” he assures. 

By eliminating evaporation ponds and being nearly carbon neutral, they not only protect the climate but also drinking water in the communities where production and extraction takes place. Through a procedure in which only chlorine and lithium are extracted, without using chemicals, and once the process of separating lithium from the brine is complete, more than 90% of it is reinjected under the same conditions as it had. prior to starting the process without impacting the salt flat with any fixed structure and increasing its efficiency. 

“This allows for growth in communities that would never have received an economic benefit, as well as minimizing the impact on water and environmental damage that currently affects the production of this critical resource,” says Layton

Understanding the importance of a sustainable and green energy transition, the founder
of Ensorcia Group spoke in depth about this process in the panel Conversations
with Daniel Layton, President of the Ensorcia Group: Managing the
 Energy Transition , within the framework of WEF 2023.

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