IBAT Plant
IBAT Plant

Ensorcia Group signs agreement with IBAT for the arrival of direct lithium extraction plants

since both companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the arrival of direct lithium extraction plants in South America in 2024. In total, these will have the capacity to produce 20,000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent per year, re-injecting over 90% of the brine extracted from the salt flat.

This technology – the only one validated at an industrial level, through a study carried out by an independent consulting firm in 2022 – will arrive in South America to change the paradigm of lithium extraction, which until now is carried out through large evaporation pools that They settle on the salt flats.

In addition to having reinjection, a fundamental element to avoid generating water imbalance in the salt flats or harming their surrounding communities, these plants can extract lithium with an effectiveness of up to 90%, which is highly superior to current systems. In this way, the extraction of this mineral can be done in a more effective and sustainable way.

Daniel Layton, CEO of Ensorcia Group (Sorcia Minerals), says he is very satisfied with this agreement. «With this technology we will allow lithium to be part of a circular economy, being sustainable from its extraction to its industrial use. “We are very happy to be able to take these plants to South America during 2024, since there are the best salt flats in the world to exploit this mineral, always in a sustainable manner over time,” comments the executive.

For his part, Rodrigo Dupouy, president for Latin America of Ensorcia Group, adds that the company has been working for years in Chile and Argentina through its subsidiary, to be an important player in the lithium industry in both countries. «We already have the technology and now we are working to enter the Chilean and Argentine market with this direct extraction and reinjection system. We are sure that we can be an influential actor so that these countries can take advantage of their salt flats 100%, but always being responsible with the environment,” he explains.

Over the last four years, Ensorcia Group has carried out geophysical studies in four salt flats between Chile and Argentina. These have shown great potential for the exploitation of lithium with Direct Extraction Technology. The company is already in the final stage of drilling in the Antofalla salt flat, in the province of Catamarca, Argentina, where they plan to start production next year.

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