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A mesmerizing scenery of salty lagoon in Atacama desert in Chile

Ensorcia Group advances technical negotiation with Codelco

With highly efficient and sustainable lithium extraction technology, the company is revolutionising the industry and promoting a more responsible way of harnessing this valuable resource. US-based Ensorcia Group (Sorcia Minerals) is making significant progress in its negotiations with Codelco at the Salar de Maricunga. The company recently conducted direct extraction lithium recovery tests at IBAT’s […]

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Inside the race to remake lithium extraction for EV batteries

The global battle to reshape the lithium industry is sucking in oil producers, tech startups and entrenched mining giants, each jockeying to be the first to reinvent how a metal key to the green energy transition is produced. A fleet of direct lithium extraction (DLE) technologies are on the verge of tapping salty brine deposits […]

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The companies and technologies behind the battle for lithium control

Direct extraction technology is at the centre of the dispute following the government’s announcement of the National Lithium Strategy. US-based Ensorcia Group has become the main threat to SQM in the bidding for exploitation quotas in the Salar de Atacama. Almost a month has passed since President Gabriel Boric announced on national television the National […]

IBAT Plant

What is direct lithium extraction, the new experimental technology that seduces the government?

The technology of direct lithium extraction has only been fully implemented in one company in the United States, and even there it was an experimental case lasting six months. The government, however, has put its chips on this new way of exploiting the valuable mineral. “The implementation of technologies that minimise the environmental impact of […]

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Estado sería como mayoritario en producción de litio

Appetite for the Salar de Atacama: Albemarle and Ensorcia Group interested in SQM’s concession

Although this contract expires in 2030, its relevance for the fiscal coffers and for the development of the industry has led companies to start their offensive for this strategic location. Several companies producing lithium, batteries and even electric vehicles have explored their interest in participating in what may well be “the mother of all battles”: […]

IBAT Plant

Ensorcia Group signs agreement with IBAT for the arrival of direct lithium extraction plants

since both companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the arrival of direct lithium extraction plants in South America in 2024. In total, these will have the capacity to produce 20,000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent per year, re-injecting over 90% of the brine extracted from the salt flat. This technology – the only […]

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A sustainable exploitation of lithium

Lithium is key to the transition towards electromobility, as it is a mineral necessary for the manufacture of batteries. This explains the increase in demand over the last few years, despite the fact that we are stagnating in terms of supply. Now, it is important to ask ourselves what is the point of moving towards […]

Ensorcia Group - World Economic Forum

Davos 2023: President of Ensorcia Group refers to the impact of the industry on the energy transition

The war in Ukraine, the consequences of the pandemic, the global crisis and climate change were topics that marked the 53rd meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, from January 16 to 20. The event brought together leaders from all over the world to work together on them and achieve initiatives that generate […]

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Daniel Layton, Chairman and CEO of Ensorcia Group: “Chile is a sleeping lithium giant that needs to wake up”

Switzerland, Davos, January 2023.- Throughout this week the World Economic Forum 2023 took place in Davos, Switzerland. These five days, the main leaders of the world economy, both from the public and private sectors, met in this space to discuss policies and contingent issues linked to the economy, finance and environment. Although this year there was […]

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Qui est Ensorcia Group, cette entreprise qui pourrait investir 200 millions d’euros dans le raffinage de lithium en France

  Vendredi 20 janvier, l’entreprise américaine Ensorcia Group a annoncé sa volonté d’investir 200 millions d’euros en Europe, probablement en France, afin d’installer une usine de raffinage de lithium de qualité batterie. Ce nouvel acteur travaille de la mine au raffinage et mise sur une technologie d’extraction avancée dont il espère qu’elle permettra de répondre […]

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Europe will host a lithium treatment plant to manufacture batteries

The mining company Ensorcia Group announced in Davos (Switzerland) the construction of a lithium treatment plant in Europe for the manufacture of batteries, with an initial investment of 200 million euros and with participation between Europe and South America. The announcement was made by the president of Ensorcia Group, Daniel Layton, at the World Economic Forum where he reported that […]