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Colinas de sal - zona de extracción de sal en la mayor llanura salina del mundo Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Maricunga: No nos pisemos los cordones

Señor Director: La intención de Codelco de ser la única empresa que pueda extraer litio del salar de Maricunga es dañina para la industria. Este es el segundo mayor salar en el país y restringirlo a solo una empresa, que no ha tenido avances en la explotación de este material, sería un grave error. Chile […]

The Laguna del Inca lake surrounded by high mountains covered in snow in Chile

Lithium must mobilise the agenda of the Chilean political class and Chilean society.

The lithium lag weighs more for the magnitude and weight of the industry, especially in Chile, and one of the main reasons lies in the lack of innovation to make the extraction of this mineral more sustainable and efficient. By Rodrigo Dupouy Bunster Santiago de Chile – One of the biggest challenges we face today […]

International Battery Metals

World’s First Modular, Mobile Lithium Extraction Technology Validated by SLR in Independent Review

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – International Battery Metals Ltd. (the “Company” or “IBAT”) (CSE: IBAT) (OTC: IBATF) today announced that SLR International Corporation (SLR), a global leader in environmental and engineering services, has completed its independent review of IBAT’s first-of-its-kind modular, mobile lithium extraction plant and verified the patented technology extracts more than 65% of available […]

A beautiful shot of a sand mine surrounded with reflective water

Lithium demand would double to 1.5 million tons in 2027

PROJECTION. Global demand for lithium carbonate equivalent is expected to increase from 526,000 tonnes in 2021 to 636,000 tonnes in 2022, mainly as a result of electromobility. In recent years, mainly as a result of the expansion of electromobility, the price and demand for lithium have grown exponentially, especially in Chile, which is the second […]

Battery room in power plant for back up emergency case with closed up high resolution 50M pixel concept which customer can use for large.

Litio sostenible: aprovechemos la oportunidad o enfrentemos la amenaza

Uno de los mayores desafíos que enfrenta hoy la humanidad es la crisis climática. Es por esto que cada vez son más las empresas que cambian sus maneras de operar y reafirman su compromiso con el medioambiente. Si bien en nuestro país los estándares de protección medioambiental han aumentado considerablemente, existen algunos sectores que se […]

red hills in the Atacama desert

Ensorcia Group proposes lithium extraction with 90% return of brine.

MINING. The company is in the geological and geophysical studies stage in the Tara salt flat located 150 kilometers east of San Pedro de Atacama, as well as in the Miricunga salt flat in Atacama. Currently only two companies exploit lithium in Chile: the national SQM Salar and the American Albemarle, both in the Salar […]

Rodrigo Dupouy

Ensorcia Group formula for innovation in lithium extraction

The lithium potential of Chile and Argentina will be crucial, as the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts a global shortage of the metal by 2025, while financial services company Credit Suisse forecasts that demand will triple between 2020 and 2025. But the process of extracting the brine, and the water used in the process, has […]

ibat technology

US-based Ensorcia Group seeks to break into lithium industry, starts exploration campaign in Argentina

The firm is developing a technology to avoid evaporation ponds and re-inject brines into salt flats. Through a joint venture it is starting to explore a salt flat in Argentina. A development plan to become a lithium producer is being developed by the American company Ensorcia Group (Sorcia Minerals), a private corporation based in Huston, […]